Good morning! What a lovely morning it is too. The sky is unremitting blue and there are chaffinches on the pine tree next to my work window, prising the seeds out of the pine cones. It’s definitely Spring as Lili-La-Pinke (normally welded to the radiator from October to March) has actually been OUT. Who needs groundhogs?

Worked out that I need to do 250 words a day to get the novella done by July. Even I can manage that!

I asked Aspen Mountain Press to send me a PDF of Night Moves and I think they must have a virus as so far I’ve received it (all 3mbs of it) ONE HUNDRED AND seventeen times. Thank god I asked them to send it to gmail and not to my home email addy! My PC would have blown up.

We have a cover now for the new Linden Bay Trilogy and it’s very pretty. I’ll post it tonight as I can’t use a LJ Cut here at work.

Yes. Spring is here. Some bastard has been strimming outside my window for an hour. *keels*

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