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Three things I could live without

1. The Day Job

 (except of course, I couldn’t – because BAH – I need it to have the things in my second section.)

2. Evil Lawyers

3. The Marks & Spencer’s Food Ads

This is not just expensive over-packaged crap, it’s Marks and Spencer’s expensive over-packaged crap.

Three things I could NOT live without


 (I may have cats, but that doesn’t mean I’m by definition a cat person. I have cats because they can live without me during the day.
I WANT one of these,

but I can’t have Bertie here, and work full time.) I had horses up to my 20’s too. I’d dearly love the time and money to end my days with a nice schoolmaster (HORSE)


Flat. Fizzy. Home-made. Made from (mostly) apples. It’s essential. How else am I suppose to preserve my liver? Answer me that!
(and by definition, cheese!!)


I can’t believe that there was a time in my early 20’s when I stopped reading, after a rich and book-filled childhood, but when I started again in my mid-20’s I never stopped again

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