I’m sorry

 (well, no, I’m not, but if it makes you feel better for me saying that I am, so be it) but I can’t help seeing the male RepublicanDemocrat’s candidate’s name without seeing

Bareback Obama (terror of the rodeo circuit, OR the porn star with death wish!!)

or Barack O’bama (beautiful Irish name)

Yes, I’m a little bit pissed! Too much cava and having a fun evening even though no-one’s around.  The Apprentice is back (UK version, I just love Alan Sugar) and I’m already ROFLing over the pompous arrogant git faces that are getting their noses rubbed in it.  Sad that the gay barrister got chucked off, but I would have chucked him off simply for the comment “sometimes I have to mix with people of a lesser intellect and I know I have to be patient with them” (paraphrased)

Hell, I would have kicked him, let alone fired him.

Dexter is a truly disturbing show with nothing to redeem it, that I can see. 

Well, I guess I’d better go to bed!

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