It’s earlier than it looks. Ick.

I’ve created a feed for my website and it’s  I often post different stuff over there, a bit more serious than here, in case you want both sites.

BUGGER!!!!!! My microwave just died. Filling the house with acrid smoke. Very unpleasant.  This is a pain in the arse as I don’t cook. I nuke. Looks like healthy kebab tonight, then! 

Happy birthday,   and !

I just had an email from a Padriag Fleury. *boggles* He is sure he’s the only man in the world with his name (I’m sure he is!) and wanted to know how I came up with the name!  Amazing.  I had actually taken the surname from a show called The Irish RM and the first name from a gorgeous man I used to date when I lived in Ireland.

I’m now dreading emails from an Ambrose Standish and a Rafe Goshawk.


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