When I had a scrappy self-designed website I was getting about 10,000 hits a month.  Now I’ve moved to the WordPress design (same URL) with a spiffy new design – I’m getting NO traffic!!  What the blazes is going on? according to the stats thingy on WordPress, the best day I had ever was back in November and that was 21 hits!!  This can’t be right can it?  Nothing’s really changed – all the same content is there. I’m baffled, and not a little concerned. Halp!

Back to work today – it snowed again overnight, but sadly not the four feet I always hope for, but just another 2-3 inches, so sadly I’ll have to go to work.  There’s a hold up on the main road according to the local news so looks like a fun journey ahead.  However, most of my team are actually out today, and the sun is shining like mad so there’s always something to be thankful for.

I haven’t written a word in 2 weeks. I have about 4K words to go on Junction X and I really need to clear the decks for editing that I know will hit my inbox at any minute and I’m stalled horribly.  I thought the end of the book would be hardest to write, so I wrote that fairly early on – but now I realise that it’s the scene BEFORE the end of the book is going to be the tough one, and I’ve been putting it off out of cowardice.  So this week I’m going to try and dig in and work hard on it, even if it only means 500 words a day which is eminently doable.  I get very demotivated when I see writers posting their word counts online. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very pleased they do this, because I look at ‘s blog for example and I see that she works bloody hard. Writes until she has a decent word count, manages to blog at least once (often more) a day, and has bloody LIFE as well.  This is inspiring in one way but depressing in another when I have a week off and do nothing more than stare at the screen… I need to realise that, if I can’t have writing as a full-time job, then I need to treat it as a part-time job and allocate TIME to it. There are things to work out…

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