Happy Birthday  and !  Ruth has reached a “naughty” birthday age today :) 

Well, I have been tidying… But right now everything looks WORSE than when I started, but I daresay it’s got to get worse before better. I cleared two bin bags of stuff just from the car, and I haven’t even started on the boot yet.

Have been racing my way through “Royal Assassin” and once more, as with the first one – I am really enjoying it. It’s got to the “argh – it’s all very dark” stage right now and I really feel for Fitz (although he does tend to moan a lot – but what I like about that is that I’m not the only one who notices, all the other characters notice it too.) I just LOVE Nighteyes, his stubbornness and irreverance are wonderful – and I wasn’t at all surprised about one revelation about Burrich although I had the other one completely wrong – I was sure he was in love with Chivalry. Dammit.  Like GRRM there are so many secrets and lies and conspiracies going on, it keeps me guessing and very happy.

Heroes 2 x 1 was very enjoyable! That’s all I have to say about that. Always nice to see a half naked man manacled to the inside of a container…. ;)

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