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Happy Birthday !!

Speak Its Name is an Editor’s Pick on !! – Queerlisting is a good listing site, btw – if you aren’t on it. I get a high percentage of referrals from it.  Nice to see SiN getting some outside attention.

A new and mixed review of Standish on Amazon. I think he liked bits of it… This soft male porn isn’t always a realistic rendition of what sex really looks/sounds/smells/feels like. But the love, the intimacy, the closeness and the need for physical attention and affection are indeed well-portrayed.

Which is reassuring, and having affirmation of such from a man is pretty nice.  He couldn’t “figure out the ending” though, which is a shame. I suppose it was a cheat, leaving it for the reader to decide, but it was important to do it like that. I couldn’t write a definitive ending, not with what Rafe had been through.

The reviewer also wanted more normal people and is sick of the rich and privileged. I kind of agree, and  made the same complaint recently. I hope he likes Frost Fair, because Gideon Frost is “shabby genteel” and often don’t ‘ave tuppence to rub together. Oo! And Transgressions of course; no-one in THAT is rich at ALL. It’s all seen from the perspective of the yeoman class. I’m probably likely to steer away from earls and the like because there are lots of people doing that very well.  When Fleury eventually gets to the New World, he’s going to meet a lot of poor people. And shag them too, if I know him. And I do.

Oh well, back to editing. *slaves*

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