Yesterday: Been reading ALL day. Didn’t even have the TV on. Half way through Assassin’s Quest, the final book of the Farseer Trilogy and I suspect that this is the one that one of my flist said was the duff one of the three. It’s not duff, exactly, but probably would have benefited from being split and creating a quartet. It’s all a bit over repetitive now, I’d have liked to have seen Fitz doing something a bit more varied than just getting captured and injured ad infinitum. And I’m sooo disappointed as to what the Elderlings turned out to be.

Why does benefited only have one t? That’s stupid.

Today…..Finished it. *snuffles*  It was rather too much questing and a little too rushed of an ending. I still think it would have been better as four books.  I was wistful and bittersweet and a bit weepy about Fitz’s ending, but I think he will come around once more. Kettle did say that he would love again. (Personally I hope it’s with the Fool, of course) and wrapping himself in his hurt and his experiences before forging on with his life. He’s too much of a man to let himself stay a scribe, and I think that after Nighteye’s death he will move on and find a new life for himself.

I’m rather glad he didn’t end up with Molly, she was far too acid for him, and she drove me mad with her shrew-like ways.  It was a childish love and I don’t think she would have ever accepted him back, or if she had, her nature would split them apart. So all in all, I really enjoyed them, Fitz stays with me, as will Burrich specifically. I don’t know if I’ll read any more of Hobb, though, unless someone really recommends some.w

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