OH NO!? Not Humph!?

I’ve only been addicted to “Sorry I haven’t a clue” for about 6 years, and OMG I wish I’d found it 20 years ago.  *cries*  Will they even continue it without him?  Oh Humph! You will be very sadly missed.

Ok – you know your mind is polluted when…I’ve been playing “Canis Canem Edit” in the last couple of days (which I royally suck at, but I’m enjoying anyway) and I had an hilariously slashy jolt whilst playing just now. One of the scenes is called “Hallowe’en” and my character (Jimmy) dresses up like a skeleton. He turns around from his wardrobe and find his dorm friend Gary, lounging on his bed, dressed as a Nazi soldier and looking delightfully camp.  I was looking for the SHAG button on my controller. You know what? There isn’t one.

I’ve just noticed that Jonathan Ross isn’t a real film critic – despite fronting Film 08 for years – he didn’t know that Russell Brand was in St Trinians despite him having done an in depth review of it on the TV show.  Innocent of me to consider that Ross would actually WATCH all these films that he was reviewing, but… GAH. I wonder if Barry Norman was a cheat too?

And for writers of Historical fiction might be interested in this submission call from Rachelle Gardner, literary agent.

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