Oh that’s made my day!

I was playing Canis Canem Edit again (yes, I’m addicted) and have now turned my protagonist bisexual.  I don’t see anything in the notes about this being possible, (ETA: now I have) although as Rockstar is the maker, I’m not surprised it is, but it still had me howling with surprised laughter. You can chat up girls in the game and if they in a faction that likes you (currently with me it’s nerd girls, all preppies and the greasers) you can give them a present and they’ll kiss you, (I know, shocking) but you get faction points for just chatting and greeting guys too. So I’m in the library and say hello to this Preppie young man and he wants a present. I give him some flowers and bingo! Mouth action!

This isn’t the guy I kissed, but whee! That means there’s more out there to find!

*is twelve*

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