Demanding Satisfaction, sir!

Yesterday there was a great m/m day over at Literary Nymphs – and it was a lot of fun. For the first time I just chilled out and just read and commented, rather than promo-ing, and I really enjoyed myself.

That is until I got flamed! As is normal in these chats, people were asking questions of the others: Things like “How did you come up with your penname,” “who is your fave character” etc. Then someone asked “What do you guys think of the Happy Ever After?”

I gave my opinion, and assumed that everyone else who had an opinion (even if it was going to be opposite me mine, which frankly it was likely to be) would reply to the original querier, and NOT shoot me down in flames. However, that’s what happened. What I did, rather than turn a perfectly enjoyable day into a wank fest was to walk away with an English curled lip and restraining myself from whapping Growly Cub squarely across the face with my kid leather glove.

But I mulled it over and thought – “no, I have an opinion, and I had the right to express it” so I’ve posted my thoughts on the HEA and why I think it needs to be a SUB genre of “Romance” over at The Macaronis – HERE. I KNOW that just about everyone disagrees with me, so please pop over and have some lively (and polite) dissent and discussion.

And I’ve just realised that I need to finish my novella for Linden Bay by end of June. That means 30,000 words in a month. ARGH!!!!

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