glottal stops. *keels*

I guess I’m not a natural fantasy reader. I do enjoy them in the main, but I get itchy with unpronounceable names for one thing.  I’ve just been sent an ARC for review and it just has “names” in it that take effort. I suppose it is difficult to write a whole new world with new names for everything but it just makes me tired. Especially anything with glottal stops and X’s in them, too.  I think that’s what I like about Hobb’s books – I like the idea of the upper class and middle class named after attributes: Chivalry, Verity, Shrewd, Blade, Riddle, Civil. I suppose I don’t have the concentration these days to cope with Xe’ida and Riwgwil and names like that.

Just like to recommend this fic – Harry Dresden fandom  “The Affairs of Wizards” by  which is BRILLIANT – and highly recommended if you are into Harry/Marcone and a fic that reads like Butcher wrote it himself – in fact my canon is now muddled, I’ll be wondering why John isn’t shagging Harry in the next book.) And she said that she couldn’t write erotica. WRONG!!!

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