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Hope you all have your lilac on your desks. I do. Smells gorgeous.  Were you There?

I’m a little shocked by a wanky thread over at the Historical Novelists Society yahoo group over the last few days where there is a great deal of slagging off of historical romance writers. Some people are calling for 1. calm 2. non-lumping of all writers into one group and 3. the argument to be taken off list, but still, I’m actually a little stunned. Writers that I thought I considered peers, make it sound as if they think they are better than me because they write about the time and not the relationship. It’s the generalisations that drive me insane. “Most historical romances should be labelled historical romance fantasy.”

Yeah, and most historical writers should be [refrains]…

So we came last in Eurovision again. Hurrah!  Well deserved. Our song was awful. It might be a nice dance track but it’s not a Euro-song and that’s where I think they are going wrong. It’s anthems like Shine a Light that will do well.  Our Tel is complaining that it’s no longer a song contest, but frankly, when was it ever that?  And if the votes are really coming from the populace of the country, are we really saying that everyone who phones in is voting politically? Would you vote for Ireland just because they were nearest, or refuse to vote for Finland because they did something (as a country) that you didn’t agree with?  Are billions of Europeans really refusing to like our music just because of Tony Blair, or because our songs are crappy?  I know which one I’d plump for.  Being English I’m not allowed to vote for Britain, (yes, I’m English, not British, thank you) but bloody hell, there’s no way I would have voted for us.  Personally I wish we didn’t get a bye straight into the final, because I’d be interested to see if we ever even got there. Did Ireland get voted out because of political reasons? NO. They got voted out because they had a fucking turkey puppet singing it. (although I do love Dustin. I would have voted for him.)

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