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If you wanted to know a little bit more about me (not a lot!) then Brit Writers has a post about me and where I live HERE

I’d like to plug a friend’s books which have just gone up on Amazon for purchase. I’ve known Hayden Thorne (aka ) for many years in an online capacity. I knew her when we were first in the Potter fandom and I could tell from the first words I read of hers that she wrote like a Victorian angel. Sumptuous would not be putting too much emphasis.  I was thrilled to bits when she told me that she’d sold not ONE but THREE novels to Prizm books (the first publisher concentrating on gay YA, as far as I know)

Icarus in Flight. A tender and heartfelt story of two young men who meet at a Victorian boarding school.

Banshee. A Victorian coming of age story with a tinge of the paranormal.

Masks: Rise of Heroes. A wonderful future-retro-spandex-filled tongue in cheek superhero story which I guarantee you will love (part of a trilogy)

Yes, yes, I know – you hate me for adding to your Amazon debt.  But I guess you could buy them directly from Prizm

Watch out for Hayden Thorne.  I expect great things from this writer!

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