Ok – now I’m pissed off again. It didn’t take long.

The other day I saw this hilarious advert

– just caught a glimpse of it (so fleeting I actually thought it was Robert De Niro in it!!) and laughed my socks off. American Deli owner is substituted for English housewife and amusing slashyness occurs.  Funny, witty a nice twist.  But no. 200 people have complained and Heinz have dropped out.  It’s not “suitable” to see two men kissing (even though they AREN’T when you think of it, but perhaps the 200 bigots who complained didn’t see that this ISN’T a gay advert at ALL).

It’s perfectly all right for half naked women (and totally naked men) to advertise everything from Ice Cream to Perfume, but a chaste non-gay kiss is objectionable???  It really annoys me that the advertising world is so touchy that so few people (works out percentage) 0.0003 of the population – can affect something like this.  It would be simple for any small group of bigots to get anything banned they fancied.

The Guardian have blogged about it here – and I for one am going to comment to the Guardian with my thoughts that people need to grow a sense of humour. Sheesh – aren’t the English supposed to be reknowned for it?  It’s a FUNNY advert, and the person who came up with it needs promotion in my opinion. It’s along the lines of the Smash ads – and it’s one that would easily run as a series and makes you remember the product, and there aren’t many of those these days.

I hope I can encourage you to email the Guardian, or perhaps drop a note to Heinz and say how much you enjoyed the ad, or your feelings regarding their pulling it. Perhaps if they got a lot more than 200 people PRAISING the advert, they might think again.

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