Ooo! Squeeful!

I remember reading on ‘s LJ a while back that a writer has a to do list that factors in years.

I’ve just been asked to speak at a conference – in 2010! It’s the Polyverse Poetry Festival and will be held in Loughborough. They want me to yak about Gay Historical Fiction (yes, well – there’s bugger all I know anything else about) I doubt they’ll be interested in a discussion of the the relative hotnessess of Solid Snake and Sam Fisher and the merits of rubber sneaking suits…. A girl can dream… Actually – come to think of it, I doubt even a Gamers’ Conference would be interested in that kind of lecture.

OH – and I forgot to mention – if you comment over at the Risky Regency Blog post I did today, you might win a copy of Speak Its Name. There are only three comments so far, and one of them has already read it…


I’ve applied to Norfolk County Council Adult Education Department offering my skillz as a Adult Ed tutor. There’s a creative writing course already in place but there’s nothing called something like “So you’ve written a book, now what?” or something like that.  I could easily run a ten-week course on that subject, there’s a lot to cover, so fingers crossed. The money is pretty good, I think – something like ?20 an hour?  Will keep you posted.

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