Ok, so I finished watching Trigun, and for my first experience of someone watching something pretty alien from start to finish, I have to say I really enjoyed it.  The reason I started to watch it was because Tina Anderson (author of Gadarene) very kindly sent me a cpy of her doujinshi “FUTZ 1 and 2 (which is available for download at LULU although there are no plans to print any more copies) and I was so intrigued – because she hadn’t explained who anyone was or anything – that I googled and found that it was a fan-manga of Trigun.

So if you are a fan. go and buy FUTZ. It makes a lot of sense.  It was hot hot hot but made little sense to me before but it was so sexy it made me want to find the canon. It’s NC-17, but that will make you run faster…

My thoughts on the end of Trigun?  Impressed, I suppose.  I’ve always liked things that might not be made for adults, because I know that adults were still making them.  My mother would always take the piss out of me for really appreciating Bagpuss and Trumpton, but there was skill behind them, in the same way that there was skill behind “The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe.”  I liked the way that it drip fed you the plot – I nearly gave up in the first 10 episodes because it just seemed like a kid’s thing, but little by little it pulled you in – and Vash became more and more intriguing.

I was simply surprised that it ended – because cartoons aren’t supposed to end.  Somewhere out there, Tom is eternally chasing Jerry and the Road Runner will be evading Wil E  Coyote forever – so I wasn’t used to a cartoon ending.

I’m going to try and get the manga now –  I know the story is a little different there, but I wish I’d done the manga first – I’ll know better next time.

I’m terribly grateful to T.A for introducing me to a media that I’d never have considered and I’ll certainly be exploring further into this strange new world, finding new manga to explore.  But they say that you never forget your first loves – so Vash and Nicholas will always stay with me. If I were still in fandom… Well.  Phew.

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