Bugger Bugger Bugger

One look at the trailer and all my scruples go out of the window.  Yes, I can’t wait to see the film now.  It does look brilliant.  I suppose, when I think of it, the fact that the book is so awful won’t show so much in the film because a lot of the problems with the book won’t show in the film.  I love the look they’ve created there.  Who’s directing it? Tim Burton? (that was a joke, btw)

But it reminds me of  just how very irresponsible and reckless and downright stupid Dumbledore was in the way he treated Tom. Setting his wardrobe on fire? Showing a child who hasn’t been raised in a proper environment how he can cause mayhem and terror?  Would he have done that to Harry just to show off?  Perhaps I’m not as cured of my Dumbledore must die fixation as I thought I was. Oh. And the kid deserves an Oscar. He’s seriously scary.  I did have to laugh at the line “I’m like you, Tom. I’m different.”  Long long ago  picked up the clues that DD was gay (and the purple suit, which is toned down here clinched it).  So telling Tom he’s probably a homosexual as well as being someone who can terrorize his peers is going to set him on the right road, eh?  DD didn’t have an excuse.  He’s a teacher of kids with lethal abilities, he’s a teacher of one of the more dangerous classes – there’s no excuse for what he did.

Going to see Wall-E tonight.  I’ve heard good things but I can’t say I’m looking forward to it hugely as it all looks a little schmoopy for me.

You know you are probably thinking too much about gay historical sex when you hear this on the radio relating to this story

“The reporter is going to give his report from just outside the pier’s entrance”            

and you actually process THIS into your head.

“The reporter is going to give his report from just outside the peer’s entrance”


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