Film Night: The Dark Knight

So, went to see the Dark Knight tonight and I was very very impressed.   I was expecting a fabulous performance from Ledger and boy I wasn’t disappointed, it’s a startlingly great portrayal.  Nicholson’s Joker was good – but it was “of its time” and – being Burton – was of that high camp style and more like the old series with Adam West.  Ledger’s Joker is a real man, hugely intelligent and utterly terrifying.  I was never scared by TV Joker or Jack Nicholson (well, Ok, a LITTLE…)  And frankly – it’s worth it for “Joker in Drag and still bloody scary” You can see echoes of Nicholson in Heath’s performance though, which is wonderful to watch.

I’m not mad on Bale’s Batman, to be honest he’s so bloody bland as Bruce Wayne I could scream. But maybe he’s supposed to be – I don’t know the comic canon terribly well.  I’ve seen Bale do better work. Oldman was great as usual but it’s Heath’s film pure and simple, you can’t take that away from him.  What a high note to go out on.  Just a sodding shame he went out at all.

So who’s your favourite Batman? I think I have to go for Keaton.

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