Film Night: Wall-E

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I wasn’t entirely expecting to, thinking it would be too childish or just too soppy for me, but I shouldn’t have been disappointed, I don’t think Pixar have disappointed me yet.  It was completely absorbing and as usual, the animation was so incredible I forgot I was watching an animation completely.  It even got me a little (just a little) choked up, at the end. There were some very funny parts and some really clever parts too. 

HOWEVER. The star of the show for me was “Presto” – the short which is now tradition before any Pixar main feature which had me crying with laughter and was (as always with these) just too short. Rather the point, I suppose. But hilarious, and the rabbit (who I think was called Alec) was adorable.  Sneak Peek snippet.

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