As some of you know, Lucius (see icon) is a wanderer. First it was a day, then 3 days, then a week, then 2 weeks, and three months ago he just went and I thought that was it.  However – 20 minutes ago he just sauntered back in as if he’d never been away. The absolute BRAT.  Severus is very very annoyed, spat at his brother and has stomped out into the garden.  I am not going to worry about Lucius any more. I love him to pieces but he’s not a stayer, and Severus is.  Wherever else Lucius is living, he’s obviously being well looked after- I don’t think it’s local as this is a small village and I would have seen him. It’s very annoying.  He’s just as loving and cuddly as ever and – as I say – it’s as if he’s never been away.  But he does upset the dynamic – Lili is uneasy and Severus was furious.

Who says that cats don’t have feelings!

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