Thank you to the eighty or so people who were kind enough to participate in my random poll yesterday. It’s always good to see answers like you gave – although I rather think that my flist is not the most disinterested of audiences to answer questions like that!

Interesting points to note:

  • More people wouldn’t buy lesbian fiction written by a man than the other genders mentioned, but that is probably skewed by the fact that there are fewer people on my flist who read lesbian romance.
  • I have a lot of “right on people” on my flist.
  • Print lovers are put off by ebook only formats.
  • Not so much the other way around
  • Very few people would care whether a man wrote a book, even if he was writing under a woman’s name. 

Now, I’d like these questions – and those on the EREC blog that I mentioned recently to be repeated on the Romantic Times site – and see what kind of response they get there.

Questions I’d like to ask the Romance industry were I sitting in the same room with them.

1. Why does Harlequin/M&B insist on men writing under women’s names?
2. Is it because you think that only women are reading it?  Is this way you aren’t interested in gay romance?  Why do you find it peculiar that men might read romance? Would you lose millions to give it a go?
3. Why do you think these covers are sexy? WHY?

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