Birthday gals! A Meme. Blogging.

Firstly:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to . Ooops.  I always miss it.  I love you both madly.

Secondly a meme gacked from : Give me the title of a book I haven’t written and I’ll outline the plot for you(I ruthlessly reserve the right to use said title and plot in any further writing, but will mention the inspiration!)

Thirdly:  Blogging.  Blogging is more effective than promo, believe you me.  I’ve been attempting to chivy the members of two blogs I belong to, to encourage them to blog regularly, but it’s been a little like herding cats; people just say “oh I’ve got nothing interesting to blog about” and stuff like that.

Hell – I don’t post about anything interesting – or at least I don’t find it particularly riveting most of the time, but some people do. No matter what you write, whether it be about model trains or the English Civil War or Lighthouses – SOMEONE will find it interesting and if they then click on a link to find out a bit more about you,then that’s good, right?  Readers like the connection that a blog post provides, I know I love reading GRRM’s blog – or Ellen Kushner’s. It gives you an in to their lives – and so, in a smaller way, it works for us mere mortals too. 

I’m far more likely to read “the secrets of cat biscuits” or “shoe shopping gone wrong” posted by an author, rather than YET ANOTHER promo/excerpt/buy buy buy buy my book/I’ve had yet another review post that they might blog about.

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