Adopt one today!

I’ve just finished reading The Watchmen – and now at least the trailer makes a lot more sense.  Interesting book, i suppose a lot of the hype is due to the themes it covers? sex, nudity, ultra violence, blood – etc etc?  Or what?  I admit that I didn’t “get” large parts of it – what was the confusing dual storyline about the Black Freighter supposed to be about?  Didn’t get that at all, so if there’s anyone who knows and understands the book, please elucidate!!  *iz dim*  Favourite character?  Dunno. None. Thought they were all a load of really unpleasant types!!

I’ve started the new book.  Or at least, *chortles* I’ve created the title page, which is a step in the right direction. The first paragraph isn’t coming to me though, need to do a bit more brain percolating.

Need to go to bed. Dreadfully early but I feel like crap.

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