How very disappointing

I ordered “Lord Hervey’s Memoirs” which I received today and BOY what a bloody waste of money. (about 20p from used books on amazon)

He’s one of the most notorious Macaronis of the 18th century – had a 10 year affair (with many passionate letters) a farmer Steven Fox and this entire part of his life has been ruthlessly eradicated from the book. I suppose I should have realised it as the book was published in 1963. Sigh. Annoying and a waste of time and effort. It’s hardly worth reading apart from the sections that are actually written by Hervey himself as I can’t trust any of the rest of it.

Bah I say to stupid censorship. BAH!

Looking forward to: David Lean season on Film Four. *drools* and Ugly Betty’s return. (simply for the Mark/Cliff storyline)

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