Three Illegal Download sites – need shutting down

Every day one of these illegal download spots gets spotted. How many others are there that don’t get spotted?

Authors on this one:

Jade Falconer
Carol Lynne
Laura Baumbach
Alexander Ivy
Alexis Morgan
James Allen
Alyssa Day
Amber Green
Angela Fiddler
Anne Stuart
Laura Bacchi
Josh Aterovis,
Amanda Young
Sedonia Guilldone
Sean Michael
Mychael Black, Shayne Carmichael
Bobby Michaels
Ally Blue
Mike Shade
Suzanne Brockmann
Sandra Brown
James Buchanan
L E Bryce
Meg Cabot
Rene Cade
Carly Phillips
Cassie Clare
Catherine Anderson
Jamie Craig
Christina Dodd
Christine Skye
Christine Feelan
Kirby Crow
Jade Falconer
Anah Crow
Frank Sol
Jules Jones
Kate Steele
M L Rhodes
J M Snyder

ETA: And another – Josh Lanyon’s books, and Scott & Scott.

ETA 2: and another Gay Romance

Including GA Hauser, Matthew Halderman-Time, JL Langley

BELL Sara – Heart Song
G.A. Hauser – Capitol Games
G.A. Hauser – The Kiss (LindenBay)
Ga Hauser – Secrets & Misdemeanors
Haldeman-Time, Matthew – Guys In College
J L Langley – Tin Star 01 – The Tin Star
J.L. Langley – With Caution
Mike Shade – Trouble (Torquere Press)
Prieto, L M – After Midnight
Rob Knight – Amethyst In The Key Of D (Torquere)
Rob Knight – The Call Anthology (Torquere)
Sarah Black – Wolf
Snow, Alexa – Sleeping Stone (Torquere)
Talbot, Julia – Jumping Into Things [Thatcher Brothers 1] (Torquere)
Anthology Eternal Darkness – B.A. Tortuga Sean Michael Sara Bell

And people wonder why I don’t truly approve of ebooks???

Adopt one today!

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