Writer’s Block: Saving Money

Petrol please, petrol. And PLEASE don’t let me get started on how cheap American petrol is compared to here (but then, shoulder to shoulder, notwithstanding we don’t COUNT…)  i’m paying £1.20 PER LITRE BTW.

Anyway, back to the question…

1. Drive less. Use your bike to nip to the shop
2. Car Share/Car pool for work, picking up the kids
3. BUY A SMALLER CAR. You can buy cars that do 40 miles to the gallon and more.
4. Drive slower – I’ve dropped to a maximum of 50 miles an hour now, and it’s really made a big difference
5. Shop online.  I buy just about everything online – and a tesco delivery deliveies 100s of orders with just one truck.  I also order my library books online which means I don’t have to drive 20 miles to the big library hoping they’ll have the book I want. for 55p I can have any book I want delivered to my local library.
6. Shop more efficiently. Buy everything you need at once so it’s only a weekly thing. Bulk buy.
7. Encourage the kids to use their bikes a lot more
8. Get rid of the extra cars – do you really need 2 or 3?
9. Keep your tyres pumped up, flat tyres use more petrrol
10. Keep your car serviced

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