Oh squeeful – they are building Ankh Morpork in Second Life!


It’s annoying my PC doesn’t have the specs to run SL successfully. If no-one’s going to build a Ankh Morpork Adventure Park (I would, as discussed earlier, if I had the money) then Second Life is the next best thing. I’ll just have to wait for a better PC before I rush off and join the Assassins Guild. I like the concept  of SL, but don’t want to have to spend money, and it seems like that is inevitable if you want a shop or something. I’d love to do book readings or something there, it’d be cool.

Watched Farinelli – Il Castrato today, I was dreading that it might have horrid scenes of castration but it was nicely handled (if you know what I mean.) The script was pretty crappy, and Riccardo’s performance was a bit bleh – but it was a rather sumptuous film and great for inspiration. I didn’t find any slash in it, though and believe me I really really wanted to because the actor playing Farinelli was TO DIE FOR, and you know me, I can normally find slash in anything.  But no. However, it was the sort of film that makes you rush off to the net to research and see what his life was really like.  The music and costumes were simply gorgeous although I would have liked to have know what they were singing – the pieces, I mean, not necessarily the words. If you liked Amadeus, you’ll love Farinelli.

I’ve been playing Second Sight today too, which I’m still really enjoying although it’s getting more difficult – as games tend to do!  I watched a few YouTube videos to help me through some levels and they didn’t help AT ALL – because they were filmed by BLOKES who simply play so so differently to me.  What I tend to do is to find somewhere safe to hole up, then use my “Projection” (which creates a second invisible copy of me) – send that copy off to see what the dangers are – then when I find them I possess the guards and kill all the other guards.  What BLOKES tend to do is just run in, all guns blazing, the narrative on one of the youtube videos was “so you just kill this guy, then run forward and kill all this lot…” (ad infinitum)  I wish I had the first clue how to take a video from the TV and put it on the PC – as people would have a good giggle at my gameplay.  But hey. It works, and I use literally NO ammo.  Yes, yes, I know – none of you have played it, so you have no clue what I’m on about… *wanders off, unloved*

So, no writing today, as you can tell.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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