Apostilles and Birmans

Today I’ve been down to the Notary office (again, although different notary as the other one was so useless) to get an Apostille so that I can get my USA Tax number for Transgressions’ publisher. I’ve been told it’s going to cost about ?150 in all. *sigh* It has to be done, though, and I should have done it several months ago. Of course it would be hugely cheaper if I were able to go down to the US Embassy to do it in person, but that’s out of the question. Alex Beecroft did hers that way and it was easy, quick and the guys on the desk were very helpful. But I suppose what with trains and taxis and buying food and parking fees, it won’t be that much more expensive to do it the long way around. And that sort of thing is what advances are for, after all.

The great thing was it was done in the notaries house (which made me regret not being a solicitor, because .. OMG…) and she had the most beautiful Birman cat who, as soon as we sat down, jumped up on the (spotless, granite) worksurface and went to sit in the sink and proceeded to stare at me. when I pointed this out, the Notary laughed, jumped up and turned the tap on in a dribble for him, which is what he’d been waiting for! He only drinks hard water as he has kidney problems – and the tap is the only water that isn’t softened. It’s amusing that he KNOWS this. He also has bottled water, but then – he is a Birman, and had me worshipping him and considering a touch of catnapping. For ?150 I think I was entitled.

As you know, I love computer games. I am a console player, in the main because the whole “find a patch” for badly coded games drives me mad, but recently now I have a faster machine I’ve been catching up on some of the adventure games I missed. The trouble with consoles is that the type of game I love best – the “point and click” is a rare beestie indeed on the console. There’s Discword, Broken Sword and a few others like Riven, Myst, Amerzone etc – whereas on the PC they’ve been at it for years.

Recently I’ve been playing “The Black Mirror” which was fabulous and the reason I really enjoyed it was that I didn’t have to resort to cheating every five minutes. The puzzles weren’t the type that make your brain pour out of your ears and there were enough clues to help you along when you thought – “erk! what am I supposed to be do next?” However, after a great week of playing it, wonderful graphics etc, the ending was very disappointing. So now I’m trying “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” and it’s bloody infuriating. There’s no logic at all to the puzzles, no helpful commentary if you get stuck and you can’t even examine things and get your character to describe it, so you are left with your own brain which often isn’t very helpful. Grrr.

If you are into these types of games and can recommend something along these lines, I’d be very grateful to hear about it.

And the cats hate me because all there is is biscuit. Ho hum.

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