Film Night: Death Race

First off – Charity Auction: Handwritten story by Emma Collingwood (author of the lovely “Lieutenant Samuel Blackwood, deceased”) which is to benefit the Morpeth Lions Club Flood Fund – a club once patronised by Captain Collingwood himself and a good cause.

There is also an original picture by the illustrator of “Samuel Blackwood” – Amandine De Villeneuve

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As for Cinema night:  Well, it was DEATH RACE starring the delectable Jason Statham.  I’m old enough to have seen the original, but I’m afraid I never did. Was that the one where the drivers got points for each person they hit? I could go and look it up but I’m too lazy, but there were a lot of jokes about “ten points for the old lady” when I was driving with boys as a teenager. Perhaps it’ll be on the TV one day.

Anyway, this one was really bloody enjoyable, and it was a bit of a surprise. We booked it because it had Jason Statham in it, and both and I really like him and love his hotness.  I never thought I’d be impressed by a film that had little to draw me in other than hot cars, hot men and hot chicks (which frankly were a bit superfluous) but I was – the storyline was not convoluted; one knew pretty much what would happen to the bad people, but all the same it handled it in a way that was entirely satisfying.  There’s even a very hot black gay guy. “Everyone has a woman navigator, apart from Joe.  That’s because he’s gay.”  “No, it’s because he gets through them too fast and the network got squeamish.” “yeah – he gets through them – through the arse.”  I think there must be a law now that any film CC and I go to see has to have major gay elements.

There’s not a lot to the film. Cars. Explosions. Revs. Rivalry. A Wronged Hero doing what he has to. But it works in all the right places for the right reasons. And the most interesting fact about it – and the reason I wanted to see it (other than Mr S getting his vest off, AGAIN) was that they deliberately didn’t use any CGI in the film at all. When you know that – the story suddenly gets a lot more interesting, and you sit there, like a child, thinking “fuck! how did they DO that!” which is how it should be, imo.  Loved it.  Who knew I was such a petrol head, eh?

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