I think that word does not mean what you think it did!

Amber Allure set themselves up for prodding with the Spork-stick at times because they proclaim themselves "The Gold Standard in Publishing."

And when I read blurbs like this – and excerpts like this I want to prod them with the spork and ask them what exchange rate they are using against their gold standard?

He gave the great-looking body a raking glaze.

Would that be tempura, slip, or sugar? (although I can’t talk with my fropping to his knees thing.)

The dark aura from earlier came back to envelope them.

DEMON ENVELOPES!  *Runs screaming.*

And Do Not Ask about rugged, virile and expiring condoms. (I don’t mean the condoms are rugged or virile)

Gehayi discusses things like this on this post and specifically towards the end where she makes a list of tropes.

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