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*Oh wonderful news!  The Bitch that made my life hell at my last workplace has left today.  I suppose it must have been redundancy, but I’d like to think that it was crap performance, which she so rightly deserved as she was utterly useless.  What goes around comes around.  Most of the people I hated in my team have lost their jobs.  This is good. What?  What!  Hello?  Surely you know me better than that – I’m NOT a nice person.  Birthday: Hallowe’en. Star Sign: Scorpio. Character: Bitch. You were expecting nice?

* Editing: I’m on the last chapter.  My characters have been to hell and back, and so have I. *exhausted*

*True Blood again.
   – Dayum!  How Big is that man’s BATH? I want!
   – Ok, Sookie…. You are STILL leaving your door unlocked???
   – I’ve seen all the epis now! Argh!  Want more!
   – Am loving all the gayness. SO MUCH GAYNESS! (although no normal gayness – which would be nice, but then there aren’t any normal non-gays either so that balances out.
   – Billy-Bob-Biter is hilarious when he smiles for comp’ny. And creepy. Stop it.
   – Coming home to find Eric in your bath???? DAYUM!
   – Interracial, gay, interspecies sex? HBO – you ROCK.

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