True Blood and self-sporkage

So, I’ve seen episode one, at least! Pretty good! Interesting so far, and I’ll carry on with it.  However couldn’t they pick ANOTHER name for the Vampire than Bill?  Are all the vampires called William in vampire land? I liked the way she laughed at him and said “I was expecting it would be Antoine or something like that.”  Bill the Biter is nicely broody, but a bit too hairy for my taste. I do like Anna Paquin, and I like that she’s not uber hot. And gay chefs with a bear fetish – love it!  I love HBO. Has to be said.

God. Caffeine drinks. wow!


Why has this character got a French name? Is she French? No! *points to the 17th century* Imb?cile!
Behooved? Great word! *snort* and it has two os. Word can spell better than you! Nyah!
Tell me, oh great writer – how does a person hiss when there are no sibilants in his words? Hmm?
See this? –> .   That is a FULL STOP.  See this? –>> ,  That is a COMMA. Say it after me. COM-MA. LEARN THE BLOODY DIFFERENCE!
Similarly despatch vs dispatch. 

ETA: Oh – and I know it’s not “done” to talk about writerly earnings, but I banked ?400 this month in royalties and fees.  Now – if I had four books out there doing as well as Standish – I’d be self-supporting! Whee! Of course if I wrote more instead of just gassing….wanders off…

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