As much as I enjoy the silly awards such as the Razzies and the Bad Sex Awards, part of me has to acknowledge that these awards are aimed at Slebs. I mean I read FAR worse sex scenes than the nominated entries this year – almost every day. I get a huge amount of new release promo in my inbox daily and at least once a day I read some frankly appalling stuff which deserves to be in the Bad Sex Awards.  The thing is though, of course, is that the awards aren’t really about the worst sex scenes published that year, they are only the mildly amusing sex scenes written by the biggest literary names of the year. People are going to feel far more superior reading the sporktastic prose of John Updike and Normal Mailer than they will discovering that actually the worst sex of the year was some elf/tree porn by some writer of an obscure ebook publisher no-one’s heard of.

TRUE BLOOD !  What? Bill’s never watched Buffy?  Couldn’t he put a blanket over himself or something? Has he learned nothing in 200 years?  God I love this show.  And vampire/human  marriages get legalised!! oh the irony!  Argh!  Lafayette! *worries* Jason finds the Lord! *guffaws* I absolutely LOVE Bill’s “daughter” and how annoying she is – and yes, I’m still in Lust with Eric, even though he seems to think that having his head on one side all the time is sexy.  Is is……

Thank you to everyone who commented on my “help me with names” post – a huge response and everyone was so helpful. I’ve found lots of new sites and bookmarked a ton of them – so if you are having the same problems, check it out. I love my flist.

Oh and under the cut is the picture of Gay Flashman that I tried to show yesterday but failed due to lazy linking.


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