I have pink wine. All is well. *dong*

Hmm. www.Travian.com Looks like I’m going to have to learn to be patient. Apparently five big rough tough Roman legionnaires can’t take on 101 rats, 76 spiders and 36 wild boars without complete annihilation… Wussies!!!  I bet Russell Crowe could have killed them all singlehanded!

For the perfect review of Twilight – please go here. “Bella is attracted to soulless plastic monstrosities. We know this because the film’s voice over is hers, and she explains right off the bat, “I’ll miss Phoenix.” Having bad taste like this will come in handy in filling approximately ninety minutes of this two hour film.”

Nick-not that you need me to tell you, but you are a genius.

There’s a wonderful adaptation on Radio 4 at the moment of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Quasimodo is played by a deaf actor and he’s bloody good – the POV parts of Quasimodo are perfect, – silent apart from his thoughts. It’s been updated with modern language – mentions of lager, and pints and chips which is a little odd – but one can work with that – and it somehow meshes.  If you didn’t catch it, check the BBC iplayer. (and use www.hotspotshield.com) if you aren’t from the UK.

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