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Frost Fair now available on UK Amazon. And the price (?7.25) isn’t that much more expensive than the American version-when you take shipping into consideration. Huzzah!

The new novel is creaking into being, and (shock!) I’ve actually created character sheets – something that I’ve been promising to do with my books since the beginning and never have.  Perhaps this will prevent people’s name’s changing half way through and their eye colour fluctuating like a neon sign. Can’t really say much about it at the moment, but it’s 18th century, NOT bloody Regency. As much as I love the Regency, I really don’t want to be typecast as “‘er wot writes them Regencies” and I want to explore lots of eras. Of course then I complain like billio about the research but if I wasn’t complaining, you wouldn’t love me.

I’m playing – is anyone else?  It’s the first time I’ve played a “god” like game and I’m finding that I don’t have the patience for it (no surprise there, eh?)  I don’t want to “wait until tomorrow” to build another building. I WANT TO DO IT NOW! I want a big army so I can raid and pillage and raze everyone else’s villages around!  and I want to do it now! However as I only have two legionnaires and one rat, I can’t see any pillaging happening any time soon, and there’s a slightly bigger village a bit too close to me for my liking…And they are Teutons! Argh!

The Devil’s Whore was wonderful to watch, yet again. The photography alone deserves every award they can throw at it, together with the costumes, the sets, etc etc.  BUT…. It’s like having sex with a beautiful but shallow person, really unsatisfying in a way that it simply shouldn’t be, and I can’t put my finger on exactly why. I love that Angelica is “period pretty” rather than “now pretty” (although she should be a little plumper, I think, but well – there is a war on, I suppose) and I love the eternal grubbyness of everything (although I do look at the hems a lot and thing that they could be grubbier) and John Simms is a god and Michael Fassbender is sex on legs of course…

Best quote from a friend about the series: From Janine Ashbless. Oddly I think I fancy Cromwell best … neither rough as a badger’s butt nor too Christ-like. Of course next week he’s going to start massacring people, which can put you off a guy…”

*laughs*  One thing that concerned me, and I’m sure someone can confirm this – Rainsborough says “I’ll go off and be an American” – was that a term back then? Even when we owned the country?

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