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Just finished watching South Pacific – I’ve only seen the film about twice before, the last being well before my slash-goggles attachment.  I had my chin on the Floor as it was one of the gayest films I’ve ever seen.  You may well say “Well, der.” at me and I deserve your mockery. I was raised with the soundtrack – my parents had the original cast soundtrack recording and from the time I could walk and sing my sister and I would sing-a-long to it, acting out all the songs. When we sang “There is nothing like dame” we would march around on the chairs and settees, bouncing around like the sailors on screen.  But to see it through the slash goggles… Well.  Men in tiny cut-off tee-shirts.  Men in tiny tiny shorts with – bizarrely – tool belts. Most men with their shirts off and more mantitty than Smart Bitches on a good day.

Judge for yourself…

Then there was a shower scene with a modesty panel – three men in the shower – and written on the modesty panel was “Look, but don’t touch.”

!!!!  LOOK?????  If you look at that section you’ll see there are more men watching the others shower than there are watching the girls jog past…

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