*incoherent wibbling*

I have literally lost the capacity for speech.

Thank you,  for the link to this site.  Gorgeous priests.  There are two in particular that I nearly bit my tongue off when I saw them.  If you guess the particular two…you win something. I don’t know what. Sweets. A book you don’t have. Whatever. One guess only.  I’m tempted not to allow  to guess for she knows me too damned well. (They are from the 2009 calendar)

Would it be overkill to have Dieux de Stade AND this? Surely it would be the equivalent of someone with a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other?  Now I want a hot priest mood theme.

Just watched the TV version of Sarah Water’s novel, Affinity.  Pretty good, actually, although I can’t help but watch Victorian lesbian films and wish that someone would do Regency homosexual ones…. Nice twist that I should have seen coming, but it hooked me in like the fish I am and I would have been as suckered as the heroine and terribly sad ending–BUT, as I’ve said before, it’s necessary to show the sad endings with gay romances, as it is with any of them.  A lot of people died for love, and when that love was so wrong to society?  even more reason to kill yourself, perhaps.  *sniff*

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