Had a great day!

Thank you for all your virtual gifties! Some really nice comments from people I don’t even know – and many lovely compliments. Just to know you liked the books is a present to last me all year. *makes self feel ill with the cheesy* :)

OK – own up. Who got Sean Bean to send me a virtual gift? “I will bring the cheese” he said. I wish I’d known! I wouldn’t have gone to Dad’s! I bet he came and I was out. Grrrr.

Thank you also to and for actual gifties! This meant I actually had something to unwrap! Pink Smarties!! Who knew? This last year or so has been highlighted by my encounter with Linden Bay and all the great authors there.

The world’s a little less bright, as we lose Harold Pinter. :(

However! Now there’s Christmas Doctor Who (boring cybermen…) Christmas Strictly Come Dancing and new Wallace and Gromit.

AND!!! I have cookies with white choc chunks… GOOD TIMES!

ETA: Did I say “boring cybermen”???? I take it back!!!!

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  1. I still haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire tho I intend to soon, but thank you, thank you for your Phantom snarking. What a lackluster excuse for a movie and/or musical theater. it’s nothing to do with opera, and as for the squeeing Butler fan girls, words fail me. And no one can even sing two parts at one time!

  2. Erastes says:

    Ooo – I feel that you deserve a prize of some kind as you are the first person to comment over since since I transferred all my entries over to my Blog. Thank you!

    I’m glad it’s not just me that dislikes Phantom. How on earth did it do so well in the West End? Emperor’s New Clothes I suppose.