I’m chocolated out.

Well the Advent Calendar is now filled up – the final day (today) is something different and something I haven’t done before. I hope you go and find out what it is! :)

It was fun to do the calendar, and I’ll try and do something similar next year. Which means I’ll have to write at least 20 somethings by then…

Doctor Who was …. FAB-U-LOUS! I loved David Morrisey, and I adore the way that all the guessing I’d been doing as to how he was the the doctor and didn’t recognize himself (argh! i typed recogniZe!) and was completely WRONG! Shame, because Morrisey is the perfect doctor – and it was very very clever the way he brought just a little bit of many of the Doctors into his persona. The T.A.R.D.I.S. made me laugh too. And what a great villain! Great sets, great snow, Victorian STEAM PUNK!!. Loved it loved it. For sure the best of the Christmas episodes.

I was just looking at how beautiful Lucius has become. Here’s him the day I picked him up:
 And here’s him now.  

He’s matured nicely, hasn’t he?  He certainly looks a lot less like Hitler or Ron Mael.  Although I can’t help but read the pictures as: “Ah ha, here’s a human we can manipulate!”  And “God, you are SO easy…”  It amazes me how cats can have so many expressions when they don’t have eyebrows.

I would, quite happily, kill for a sausage roll about now.  This post has been brought to you by the power of rotten tv scheduling and extreme boredom. (look! new icon!  thank you !

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