I got a fountain pen for Christmas (thank you, !) – now I haven’t owned or even used a fountain pen since I was at school and I’d forgotten what a sensual pleasure they are.  It’s even loaded with blue-black ink which was my colour of choice at school.  I’ve been doing the edits on Transgressions with it today and it made the task a real joy. (Almost!) It makes my handwriting legible too, which makes a change.

The only snag was that when one of the cats leapt up onto the manuscript (as one of the boys will always do, they can’t bear the thought of being ignored for five minutes) and rolled around on it – Lucius in this case, he acted a big furry blotting pad and ended up covered in blueblack ink. Well, ok, not covered, but smudges on his face and legs. He’s buggered off now, in high dudgeon.

Adopt one today!

Yes. Don’t judge me. How could I resist? It looks like a strawberry Campino!

I discovered The Historical Romance Club today and got all excited for five seconds. But I can’t join their club. :(

“Genres we Do Not support include: standard contemporary romance; romantic suspense; inspirational; and alternative lifestyle?m/m, f/f. “

Hmmm.  As  just said to me: 

“…of all the genre fiction in the world, romance fiction is the most bigoted. Sci-Fi has had gay couples forever. Fantasy, almost as long. The first overtly gay detective appeared in the 1950s. Romance still needs to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Century of the Fruitbat. And that was LAST century.”

Hear hear. I’ve asked HRC why they don’t “support alternative lifestyles” – I’ll just see what they say. I know what you are thinking…”Erastes? What about the New Year Resolution?”  Yeah, yeah. Still got three days…

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