Angel Season 4 again

Oh wtf?  What kind of ending was that? Spoilers ahead.

You might as well have had Patrick Duffy emerging from the shower. BAH!!  "make it all not happen?"  How was that done then?  Yeah, right. The writers painted themselves into a corner and didn’t have the BALLS to kill off the whiney little bastard did they?  Shame on you, Joss. You should have had the courage of your convictions. I’d have let him blow himself and all those innocents to smithereens. And again with the bah! *grumbles* Bring on the Spike.

I’ve recently bought "Who’s Who in Gay and Lesbian History" which is a must for a gay historical writer, me thinks.  I have to say that it does surprise me that hardly anyone is writing gay historical books about real people – like Philipa Gregory’s Earthly Joys for example. There are so many fascinating characters.  I feel sorry for my Dad as everytime he rings me he gets bombarded with "I bet you never knew that XXXX was gay!"

Oh – that’s interesting. Jean-Baptiste Lully was gay. That’s a coincidence, as that’s the march music I used on the first Transgressions video.

He’d certainly make a good book subject, as would Chevalier D’eon.

How’s everyone doing today?

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  1. Hayden says:

    I recently read a novel that’s received a lot of good reviews, and it was 1/2 story and 1/2 sex, with iffy paranormal elements that don’t really work with the plot. Also, the author kept using “prone” instead of “supine.”