Been there, done that

Deleted my Facebook account. Tried it, didn’t see the point of it.  Just didn’t get it.

Blimey. Lili went out in the garden. In the dark. In FEBRUARY.  Has the world ended? That cat goes out of the house less than I do. Spring is definitely on the way. I have narcissi in the garden which are nearly out!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my infidelity discussion, you are all too erudite and intelligent for me. I shall attempt to grunt replies at you as soon as I can!

My Semagic isn’t working, hasn’t done for two days now. Grr. I shall have to try re-installing.  I do use Windows Live Writer a lot more, but I still rely on Semagic for easy formatting.

Still no car. (Cassie Claire don’t sue me!)

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