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So it looks like the "I DO" anthology might be an annual event. Manloveromance publishing said they’d be happy to do it again, and people added their services in editing, selection and copy editing. So… yay!  Hopefully Prop8 will be squashed by next year, but there will always be something else to support. People are very generous with their time and expertise and there are times when I am amazed at the generosity of people I know online.

My car is dead again. This annoys me a lot because the same garage has had it for the last two times. The first time they put in a new alternator, and then when the battery died they put in a new one of those, and now the battery is dead again. So it wasn’t just a case of "you needed a new battery" (as they said) and it probably wasn’t last time either. The battery is obviously not being recharged. And I have to sign on at the unemployment office tomorrow and there’s no way I can get there without a car. I love living where I do (even with the horrid neighbours) but without a car I’m stuffed. I’ll have to ring them and grovel, and that’s what I hate about being unemployed that you know that they’ll disbelieve you. I’m just one of the underserving. bah.

I’m going to write this morning come what may. Then I’m going to do some work on the website. I want to have a couple of pages specifically for Transgressions–not something I’ve done before–expanding the theme of the book. Perhaps have a little bit about the era, the costumes, the food, the politics.  I realise that there will be many people who know nothing about the English Civil War (although I was lucky that The Devil’s Whore aired a while back so a good few people have had a flavour of the era) so if they can see some images of people, and have a touch of the history that might help them sink into the book a little faster. Chris Smith has done me a GORGEOUS banner for these pages–and she did it in about five minutes. I’ve attempted to use Photoshop and I can’t even manage shaded text. It’s like some kind of arcane magic to me.

Oh well, off to work.

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  1. Hayden says:


    Can MLR put together an anthology to benefit Gay-Straight alliances in high schools? Or homeless shelters for GLBT teens?

    God, I’d love it if they could.

    And good luck with the unemployment thing. That really sucks. The garage might be duping you from the get-go just to force you to shell out more money for their services, so maybe you should go somewhere else to get your car fixed? *wince* I know, it sounds easier than it is. Hope things work out for you, hon.

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