Lets talk about sex (again)

Jessewave has an interesting discussion going (I love Jessewave’s Blog because she so often has interesting discussions) about "m/m" and the level of sex and emotional impact within them. E.g. what do people like? When is too much? Etc etc. Pop along and add your two cents.

What interested me was the promiscuity section. I’ve seen this discussed on many a het romance forum and I am gobsmacked that most people don’t want promiscuity in their book, or unfaithfulness at least. They don’t want any unfaithfulness at all from their heroes once they’ve met "the one."  I find this baffling, really.  Unfaithfulness (as I said in the discussion) is a standard romance trope.

I mean – look at Gone with the Wind (to pull one title from the ether) if Scarlett had remained "true" to either Ashley or Rhett it would have been a much smaller, and a much lesser book. She wouldn’t have got married twice for a start.

In these discussions of both types (m/f and m/m) people say they won’t read on if someone is unfaithful–they’d certainly not have got far with Standish then, with Rafe and his brain in his breeches.

Do you agree?  Do you think it’s because people think–deep down–that a Rake can’t ever be reformed and that the HEA won’t last?

So after you’ve commented on Wave’s discussion, pop back and talk to me about unfaithfulness, will ya? 

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