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Slashy Movie Reviews – excellent site, there’s a Livejournal feed here.

Blazing Trailers – one of the best promotional sites I’ve ever seen. The pages are comprehensive and informative. You can upload reviews, links to your site, the trailer itself, even an excerpt of your book. Whoever runs this is a STAR! *applauds*

I just about finished Chapter Four of Mere Mortals last night which pushes it up to 10K. I’m liking how it’s shaping up. I’m still getting the feel of the characters and letting them introduce themselves. I love this part of the process; I once tried to create character sheets – you know, the really detailed ones where you write down every single thing about your character before you even start writing but I simply couldn’t stick to it. I think this approach possibly works better with third person POV if you are going to shift characters, but for a first person POV the only person you REALLY need to know well is your narrator, because he’s on the same journey as the writer (and the reader) and he gets to know the other characters in the story at the same speed as you do. It’s just nice to be writing after what seems like a dry patch, but isn’t really because I finished Frost Fair mid last year and the rest of the year was spent working getting Transgressions ready for publication. I know I haven’t been working as hard as I should have, though. When I get chapter four finished I’m going to start on a short story.

There are a TON of anthologies open right now. This is great, because last year seemed a little thin on the ground. I have sent out two or three short stories to places in the last couple of weeks, which is exciting, and I’ll be biting my nails until the results come in. But there are loads of new markets and I’d really like to get something done for them. Steampunk, gods, superheroes – there’s a lot out there right now! If you haven’t seen them, troll over to erotic_authors. And if you see a call that’s not on there – let me know!

I have a headache. Don’t know why. Possibly stress related due to car, (they’ve just rung and said "the alternator in your car is second hand, did you know that?" Well know I didn’t bloody know that – you bastards charged me £200 for the last one.) dad blah blah blah added to bloody Foghorn Lili bellowing at me to get up since about 530. She intersperses this with running over me. Not jumping on me, but running from one side of the bedroom to the other and using me as some kind of Frogger log. When this doesn’t work she comes and lies on my shoulder and SHOUTS in my ear.

Don’t say "shut her out" because if I do that she just bashes on the door with both paws. Endlessly. I don’t know how she’s lived to be seven.</lj-cut>

What am I giving up for Lent? Not writing.

Dollhouse: caught the second episode last night and I’m warming to Eliza a little. Not that I think she’s got the scope for the part, but that she’s doing well anyway. It’s running the way I thought it would do, with her gradually becoming aware of herself while she’s in her "Active" state–and that makes the Echo character even more creepy. I feel they are stuffing a little too much at us (in a Heroes sort of way) with the cop and the killer and the self-awareness thing, but if they can keep the balance without leaving me going "bwuah?" like I do with Heroes, then they’ll get brownie points from me.

Heh. Robin Hood was from Yorkshire. Ee by gum!

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