State of the Genre

I love – SIMPLY love – the way that gay historical fiction is growing and growing. I’m beta-reading three unpublished novels for authors right now and couldn’t be happier. The fact that finally, people are writing it–choosing different eras to write about – and not making it all about sex is just wonderful. The range of the talent is incredible too, and every one of the styles is so different, as it should be.

What does gall me a little–and it’s stupid to feel like this–is that even now, after all the graft I do to promote the genre wherever and whenever I can, I’m still not the first (or last!) person that people inform when they’ve got a new book out. I don’t want free copies – I’m quite capable of paying for a book myself, even being unemployed, and god knows–it’s not like there are 20 new gay historicals released every week but it still stings when the first place I notice that there’s a new title out is on another review site, or I find it while browsing on a website. Yes yes, shutting up whining. wah wah wah. Ignore me.

Does anyone know what "panton est placitum" means? This site here (of great re-enactment photos) mentions it on their pricing page, and I’m stumped.

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  1. Hayden says:

    He makes me grin like an idiot and get all mushy like a proud older sister. :)