Writing? wha’?

Not a lot of writing going on today but I’ve been busy nevertheless:

1.Agents are apparently like buses–you have no luck for months and then several arrive all at once. I had a partial request from another agent yesterday. The wonderful incomparable Lee Rowan helped me out with my synopsis (and by "helped me out" I mean she picked me up, moved me away from the keyboard and did the whole thing herself and good job too, I was making a massacre out of it) and it’s lovely and I want to squeeze it and call it George. Partial sent and thumb holding commences.

2. I’ve written to the Sealed Knot asking for permish to use a few of their photos in a book video. I am not holding my breath as I doubt they will want the taint of homosexuality on their photos, but if you don’t asks, you don’t gets.

3. I’ve started said video. Anyone got any 17th century music they can recommend? I know I’ve asked this before. Or something suitably english civil warry – or not jarring, at least. Don’t blame me. I’m stupid.

4. I’ve had a look at someone’s first chapter and contrary to her own opinion it’s really engrossing and I want more.

5. I’ve been asked:(Gawd knows when I became The Authority on Everything) "about books or movies showing the british lifestyle (and gaystyle) at 80’s, mainly at London and Oxford"  Sheesh!  Isn’t Google working in other countries?  Grumbles. I’ll do me best.

6. And I’ve been sent an ARC to read and comment on.

No wonder I don’t get time to write!

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