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Apparently Transgressions and False Colors have a full page advert in the latest Romantic Times Magazine. I knew that this was going to happen, just didn?t think it would be so soon.

Hoping that someone can get hold of a copy and scan in the ad, just so I can see it.

It?s very unlikely that RT will review the books, even though their advert contract includes a review as they are still notoriously not reviewing gay romance (Unless you are Suzanne Brockmann!!!) but we have to take what we can get. A Full Page advert is a full page advert and will get some attention. I hope.

So, hurrah!

my renenactor chum enolabloodygay said last night ?I?ll take my copy to the English Civil War re-enactments this year.? Eek. I can just see the Very Serious Contingent? of the ECWS (who, like many re-enactors can spend hours arguing over the colour of buttons) picking holes in my research?Buggrit. the suns out. I find it hard to be downhearted when I?m being sunned on.

The Colour of Buttons. There?s a book title right there. Bunnied.

Writing Wibble below the cut

I?m a pantzer, e.g. someone who just writes.  I think probably because I am is the reason why I tried to write earlier in my life and why I failed because I tried to force ideas and do what the books said to do, and write out the plot in advance. I now know that it?s not a great way for me to write. Oh I CAN, I?ve discovered, but I don?t like to. The only one of my novels that I plotted out in pretty well minute detail was Frost Fair and that?s because that?s what Linden Bay wanted.  But then the writing of that book became a real chore. Because I?d written the plot down, suddenly it seemed as though the book had already happened and to effort of transcribing it into long hand seemed hugely laborious.

I?m noticing the difference with Mere Mortals because this is the first major work I?ve attempted since Frost Fair. I was a little trepidatious about writing at all in case that feeling of ?oh god this is hard work? crept over me again, but it hasn?t, and I can only put it down to the fact that I?m making it up as I go along.

I shouldn?t doubt myself. Just because I have no idea what?s happening it seems my subconscious does, and I need to trust it more often. In the last couple of thousand words there has been character development I wasn?t expecting, an item introduced purely out of the blue which I know I can use as part of the plot, and character bonding of an unexpected manner. The book must be in my head, even if I?m not aware of it.

It?s not a safe way to write, especially with the added adrenaline boost of writing live with  but it works, or at least it seems to.  And it?s good to finally realise why I couldn?t write before and can now. Perhaps I?ll drag out those stalled projects of ten years ago and see what I can do with them. Trouble is, none of them are gay historical fiction! Both children?s novels and neither of them can be written as Erastes!

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