Jason Isaacs on Entourage? Omg. I have died. DIED I tell you.

Yay! Primeval is back?so bad it?s unmissable. and Robin Hoodie, but I missed that, as my brain died about 4pm and I had to go and nap.

I read five pages of an ebook yesterday before giving up in disgust.  I really think that a m/m author (and the editor, and the publisher) should know the difference between prostate and prostrate. REALLY.

argh. Brokeback on the TV. I don?t have the courage to watch it again.

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  1. Hayden says:

    I recently read a novel that’s received a lot of good reviews, and it was 1/2 story and 1/2 sex, with iffy paranormal elements that don’t really work with the plot. Also, the author kept using “prone” instead of “supine.”

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